The development of the ISPAS OSD radar started already in 2009 with an award for the test of a radar for detecting oil on quiet waters. In 2012 ISPAS signed a contract with Equinor for the research and development of an Oil Spill Detection (OSD) radar for detecting oil spills at quiet sea. In 2014 a second development contract was signed with the oil-company Lundin Petroleum Norway for the development and installation of 4 polarimetric Ku-band radars with electronically steered antennas.  The radar should be able to detect oil spills on both quiet sea and in waves. In 2015 ISPAS received a new contract for the installation of 6 OSD radars with electrical steerable antennas on the Johan Sverdrup platform. In September 2017 4 radars were installed on the Edvard Grieg platform and the qualification test was performed one year later in September 2018. The tests shows that the Ku-band radar outperforms the X-band radar under similar conditions.  A video showing one of the test can be seen on youtube:

The picture shows the first radar installed on the Edvard Grieg platform.