Rock-slide Radar Monitoring

ISPAS' interferometric radar has been operating on the West-coast of Norway monitoring potential rock-slide movements in the Hegguraksla mountain since 2006.

Antenna for radar monitoring of Hegguraksla

The ISPAS interferometric radar is easy to instal and operate and can monitor potential rock - and landslides at large distances (several km's) using corner reflectors and differential interferometry. Should an event be detected, warnings can be issued automatically. Some of the results have been presented in Remote Sensing:

Rock-slide in Tafjord, Norway, during a measurement campaign

September 2017 a new interferometric radar was successfully tested, measuring the mountain Mannen on the west coast of Norway. The new radar can generate a high resolution map both in range and cross-range up to 100 degrees in azimuth at distances of more than 4 km up to 8 times a second.

Measurements of Mannen 2017